Monday, November 7, 2011

1 For the Home

If you are like me, the release of a new Call of Duty is like an early Christmas present. Once you have it, you'll play for hours at a time and ignore pretty much everything else. With the imminent Midnight launch of Modern Warfare 3, that time is here again but I ask you...

... what was the one thing you did to make your gaming time yours?

"Huh?" you ask. Well... the one thing you did for the person who really controls your time -- your wife, your girlfriend, or maybe even your Mom (sorry Dads, that ain't you and we both know it). That thing that will give them pause when they want to get on your case for spending too much time with MW3. That one thing you did without them really knowing why you did it but makes them think you've earned game time. I know I did...

... I put in a wood floor.

[PICS Forthcoming]

That's right, RAN's set.

Now, you don't have time to put in floors but it's not too late to do at least one thing for the home. Make a special dinner for your wife. Send flowers to your girlfriend's job (score points and make the other women's men look like chumps). Clean your room, kid (let's face it, if you have to worry about Mom, that's the best your gonna do at this point).

You've got options. But you need to do it or suffer the inevitable, "Get off the game and do !" Over... and over... and over.

I did my 1 for the home... did you?

Next, the conclusion: 0

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