Sunday, November 6, 2011

3 is the pits

I've been an avid Call of Duty player since 2007 and COD4 but unlike 80% of the players, I prefer to play Hardcore. However, since COD4, the playlist rift between Core and Hardcore continues to grow.

MW3 may take the cake.

For some reason, COD development teams have this preconceived and ill-conceived notion that Hardcore is a "niche" as  referred to it. Sorry, but 15-25% of your players aren't a "niche". Let's take a look at some numbers from Black Ops yesterday:

  • Totals Players in MP: 703,062
  • Total in Core: 565,954
  • Total in HC: 111, 392 (16%)

In Core, 38% of the players play TDM (30% of all players), 36% play HQ, SnD, and Dom combined. The point? 75% of all Core players play 4 game types yet they are afforded more than 16 options. For HC, players spread out over 4 main options, TDM, SnD, CTF, and HQ. Two of which weren't even in the game at launch.

Two of which aren't in MW3.

Black Ops added new wager match modes but not in Hardcore, of course. Lots of new options for the Core player in MW3, too. Kill Confirmed and Team Defender. Sounds cool... oh, wait...

Hardcore doesn't get Team Defender.
... or Headquarters.
... or CTF.

Treyarch got the hint to a certain extent... too bad IW didn't get the hint form the start.

Instead, we're stuck with the 3 pits at launch.

Next... 2 misses.

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