Sunday, November 6, 2011

2 cents about Black Ops

I'll admit it... I was geeked up for Black Ops... really geeked up. Was it perfect....? No.

But it is the second best Call of Duty to date.

I'll miss playing it. Granted, I'm not selling it... I just tend to move forward rather than linger on the past. It introduced a number of things I really liked. Things that aren't in Modern Warfare 3 that could have been... and one that will be around COD again (I hope).
  1. Buying any attachment I want.
    • This was awesome. Some people think unlocking things shows "accomplishment". People who play a lot know it's a grind.
  2. David Vonderhaar
    • The best, most interactive dev in the business. Period. I made a somewhat snarky post (but sincere) over a year ago... he just calmly explained how it was. Since then, I came to know a man who had real passion for COD and a commitment to the community... a straight up cool guy. Some folks have called me a Vahn "fan boy" (that's some funny crap) but I just respect him. I've gotten a chance to game with him. 402 needs to speak to him and learn.
Not what everyone else will miss about Black Ops. Just what I will. One of the two could have been in MW3. Vahn will be there for COD 2012... I hope.

My 2 cents.

Next... 1 for the home.

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