Wednesday, November 2, 2011

5 on 4 hours of Modern Warfare 3

As we hit 5 days away from the launch of Modern Warfare 3, my excitement for what this title could be is starting to build.

And the 4 hour IGN livestream has really ignited it to a new level.

Truth be told... I watched all the MP time (which was about 2 hours worth) and 5 things jumped out at me.

  1. You level up fast. Every other second you seem to get points for something and they come fast and furious. You'll breeze through lower ranks. Now they've said the curve won't be so bad at higher ranks like MW2 but that remains to be seen. Lower level guns are great and on the surface seems balanced.
  2. Maps have great flow. A lot of ingress and egress points with a nice mix of of CQC and range engagements. I was surprised at the limited use of verticality but we have yet to see all the maps
  3. Support Package is not an issue... but it will change how the game is played. The rewards that can kill aren't extremely powerful but when you combine them with a teammate using Assault it will make for a nice combo. We'll see Recon Jugg a lot in the beginning but I'm sure that will morph to the Escort Airdrop. It won't be hard at all for skilled players to accumulate 18 points.
  4. Weapons have kick. You need to control the weapons or they will kick you off target a lot more than MW2 ever did. I can see people dying a lot when they first get into HC as the guns look to be quite accurate on their first bullets until the kick kicks in. The Kick proficiency will be use a lot for sure.
  5. The new game modes look great. Team Defender and Kill Confirmed, in particular, look like they will be welcome additions to the COD franchise. A lot of points, movement, and strategy come into play. Hopefully they won't be locked at the start. Let's be real IW... it's the 8th game. I think people get the gist if how to play.
5 days until launch... and I'm finally getting a little geeked up for it. Hardened edition, here I come.

Next... 4 is the pinnacle.

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