Friday, April 5, 2013

Is It time For A Single Mode...? Yes, Sir, It Is.

With the 2013 COD Championships taking place this weekend and the looming launch of next-gen console gaming later this year, it's made me wonder... how can COD take it's gameplay to the next level?

  • It has to be fundamental.
  • It has to keep it's veterans.
  • It has to broaden the appeal.
  • It has to work for MLG.

Yep... it's time for a Core/Hardcore hybrid.

Before you think I've lost it and fallen off the deep end... hear me out and come at this with an open mind.

It's Time For A Single Game Mode

In order for COD to truly grow, there needs to be one game mode that takes elements of existing Core and Hardcore modes. Both groups are passionate about their preferred modes... and that's great. That passion, however, can be blinding and divisive. By taking what is good about both modes, losing the dead weight, and making a single mode for all, the community can then focus on what makes the game better than issues plaguing their smaller group.

But how to combine them? Simple.

  • No always on mini-map.
  • 60% health of current COD.
  • Health regen.
  • Friendly fire.
  • On screen reticle only for throwing weapons (excluding all 'nades).

It's Fundamental

First Person Shooters (FPS) are no longer a gaming novelty. They dominate sales and playtime. Yet the basic gameplay still treats players as though they are new and need a lot of help. I don't think that's the case anymore. So, take out some of the always on crutches because players frankly don't need them. And let's face it... they've begun to cause more problems than they solve.

It's time to expect more from players. We can take it.

It Keeps the Veterans

When you're making a single mode, it requires compromise... and no one group will get everything they want. But this solution would keep elements of Core and Hardcore that are central to both and make a new single mode for all to play. It keeps health regen but with a lower max-health. It cleans up the HUD but keeps a reticle for those that like thrown weapons.

But why friendly fire? Because it's a touch silly you can fire through a teammate and not harm them and...

... we're expecting more out of players now, right?

It Broadens Appeal

Having a single mode keeps the community from fragmenting into small groups. This brings the focus onto how the game is playing, what needs to be changed, and gives a real picture about the state of the game. Not to mention making it easier for new players as well because there is only one mode for them to learn.

In this case... less is more.

It Works For MLG

Major League Gaming... the pros, right? They shouldn't need (or want) all of the in game aids. The best thing this does... allows recreational players to watch advanced players play the same game, with the same equipment and weapons they play. It would not only enhance the appeal but highlight the real skill some of these players have. ESports would grow, COD sales would grow, and enthusiasm for all involved ratchet up a notch.

How is that not win-win?

Moving Forward

A single mode would bring the community together, of this I'm convinced. It might alienate some... I play HC... but would keep most and bring in more players.

I'm excited for next-gen...

... I hope COD doesn't stay in 2007.