Thursday, November 7, 2013

COD Glossary when playing Ghosts - Part Uno

Like any vibrant (sometimes overly enthusiastic) community, COD has evolved it's own nomenclature... ya know... way of speaking. With each new title, COD loses some vets (who secretly play anyway) and also gains new players -- n00bs (I prefer greenie).

So... why not make a little glossary to help them out and give vets a chuckle?

n00b -- a term used to describe a new or inexperienced player.
Heard in the lobby: "You are such a n00b!"
What he thinks he said: I'm god-like compared to that guy.
What it really means: 1. The "n00b" keeps killing him. 2. The guy really is a n00b. (it's most often number 1).

The "n00b" is rarely a n00b. He's often killing the guy calling him a n00b and that guy is pissed. The n00b card gets thrown around when the "vet" can't believe he's getting killed by "that guy". Truth is, that "vet" is often the real n00b.

Greenie-- a term used to describe a new or inexperienced player.
Heard in the game: "Greenie keeps flipping the spawns!"
What he thinks he said: It's a shame the guy won't work with the team.
What it really means: Pretty much it's a shame the guy won't work with the team.

The greenie really is a new guy or at least plays like it. He rarely has a mic. Doesn't get how to work with a team to control a map and generally is a hindrance more than an asset. Sometimes... the guy will plug a mic in, be gracious about the win he was just handed, and move past the greenie stage.

Tryhard-- a player whose only focus is winning the match.
Heard in the game: "What a bunch of tryhards!"
What he thinks he said: These guys aren't playing the game right.
What it really means: They're not playing the game how he wants... and they're winning.

The. Dumbest. Term. Ever. The "tryhard" will use any weapon, any perk, any tactic that wins the game. In other words, he's smart. And the "vet" can't take it. The tryhard card gets thrown around when you just got your butt thumped like Miley Cyrus and want to act above it all.

Pubs-- slang for a public match.
Heard in the game: "You're just a pub player"
What he thinks he said: I'm MLG, yo.
What it really means: He wants to be in eSports and thinks this will help him feel it.

As this is how everybody outside of LAN tournaments (hi, MLG) plays the game, it's primary use to elevate the speaker and denigrate the rest. Just one reason a lot of the COD community holds eSports in ill repute.

More to come in part deux. Hope to see you in pubs... errr... in some games.