Friday, April 27, 2012

Sports and Call of Duty... It's Not What You Think.

As I watched the 2012 NFL Draft yesterday, a thought solidified in my head. I'm one of those people that love the off season in sports. I almost love it more than the regular season... and definitely more than the playoffs. You see, the off season is about reflection... anticipation... a time when something new meets something old and leaves you with a sense of hope the next year can be better.

Well... the Call of Duty off season officially begins May 1st.

On that day, Black Ops II will make it's world reveal and the speculation of its contents will begin in earnest. What needs to be added... what needs to be dropped... what fans hope to see... all will be bantered about the internet. Sounds a lot like sports fans, huh? How you hope the changes your team makes in the off season will lead to a championship... or at least a better team to watch.

Call of Duty's draft day is 11/13/12 and Black Ops II is the first pick. Players get the game in their hands and like a first round pick in the NFL, you hope it will be good. That it will live up to the hype and give your franchise that shot in the arm it needs. Let's face it, MW3 was the lockout shortened NBA season of Call of Duty. It was nice to have, felt awkward, and ultimately missed the mark. Never before has an off season been so welcomed. In the case of my Portland Trailblazers, a wasted season has a chance to quickly turn around on Draft Day 2012.

The same is true of Call of Duty.

How successful the 2012 Call of Duty season is with the launch of Black Ops II remains to be seen but the off season leading up to it should be fun. It will have hype and hope, success and failure, and if we're lucky, a spark of magic.

And you didn't think COD was like sports, huh?

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