Sunday, November 7, 2010

Generation Now...

Myself, I'm of the generation the media labeled "X". Somewhere between graduating college and my first child, Generation"Y" came along. To be honest, I have no idea what the current generation's been labled (in more truth, I don't care) but I know what I think of it:

Generation Now.

Looking for music... hit up iTunes. Need a new book... now, where did I put my Kindle? Let's not forget the 2,000 things you can do with your phone on demand. This is you... and me. Everything on demand or there's something wrong.

What happened to patience? Case in point... Black Ops.

Black Ops is not the first game to played early, bought from stores that don't honor their commitments by players who don't have the patience to simply wait for it be released. Is there anything wrong with this? A little. All it would have taken is for the store owners to simply say, "Sorry but it's for sale on the 9th." But in this economy, they feel the pressure to make a sale. If they don't, the guy down the street will.

Because Generation Now demands it.

In the end, the person holding that copy of Black Ops is most responsible. They knew what the release date is. Gotta be the first to stream "ma skilz" or post my clip on YouTube. Hopefully the servers will be reset (never should have been turned on anyway) and the playing field will be a little more level day one. It's just a shame no one could show a little restraint, a little patience.

But that's not Generation Now.

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