Monday, May 31, 2010

"Lost" thoughts...

Finally watched the Lost series finale. It was... good?

After 6 years of wondering what was in the hatch to wandering polar bears, the mind bending, time traveling series has come to "The End". But what end? I guess not the one I would have chosen but one fitting Lost. It was not always the most consistent show, shifting directions and time in a manner that could be a challenge to follow, yet, pull you in so deep that you couldn't help but come back.

It reinvigorated serialized television for certain.

So, why was the ending just good? I would have preferred the survivors existing in an alternate universe/timeline. They time travelled, right? Maybe I'm a sucker for happy endings and Jack's death could have saved two universes. In the end, it just had him dying to get some people off the island. But that is Lost in its most refined essence.

Funny thing is I didn't watch the series from the start. I missed the first couple of episodes and knew this was a show where picking up it up in the middle would not be smart. But the week I spent watching season 1 on DVD was the best week of TV ever. Period. I was hooked. I'm going to watch season 1 again... and buy the other 5. That will be the best way to enjoy Lost -- without commercials, in one long series of episodes where you can look for the clues that built up to "The End".

It's a series worth revisiting, dissecting, and most importantly, savoring. There will be many pretenders to follow but none that will reach it for a long time.

Now, excuse me while I open the hatch...

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